Summer Workshops:

Landscape Painters Anonymous

10am - 1pm | Saturday 3rd June 2023

Landscape Painters Anonymous is a roving watercolour workshop, focused on the leisurely pursuit of observational landscape painting. The painting session will take place at BurntHouse Allotments, Penryn, where we will be will be responding to the trees, sky, vegetables and weather. The workshop will be informal, with gentle guidance offered. Hosted by Simon Bayliss.

Participants will be provided with paints, brushes and paper, although you’re welcome to bring your own.

On site parking. 10 spaces available. Booking essential here



Fermentation workshop

10 - 1pm | Saturday 5th August 2023

Join writer-in-residence and fermentation enthusiast Sean Roy Parker for a hands-on workshop producing lactofermented foods that are beneficial for your gut microbiome. We will use sauerkraut to think about expanding lifecycles, interspecies intimacy and how collectivised food processes can aid belonging and well-being.

On site parking. 10 spaces available. Booking not open yet


Reading the Hedgerow & Weeds

10 - 1pm | Saturday 19th August 2023

In this workshop artist and forager Naomi Hannam will take you on a creative journey to learn about the plants around the edges of the allotment. We will creatively explore foraging, folk law and hidden colour in this three hour workshop. Naomi will draw on her experience making natural pigment paints, botanical inks and natural dyes as well as being an experienced forager and forest school leader.  There will be creative activities and time for mark making and play  at the allotment.

On site parking. 10 spaces available. Booking not open yet


Mushroom Cultivation

10 - 1pm | Saturday  2nd September 2023

Learn all about the fascinating world of fungi, and make an oyster mushroom ‘grow bag’ to fruit delicious, edible mushrooms at home with Jules Varnedoe.

Fungi are all around us; each breath we take contains their spores, the roots of plants and trees are entangled with mycorrhizal fungi that transport information and resources, mushrooms fruit in the most unlikely of places and have the power to help nourish and heal landscapes and people.

In this workshop, we will learn all about these marvellous beings, how they live in the wild, and how we can harness this knowledge to grow our own at home. We will make mushroom ‘grow bags’ to take away, which will allow us to watch mycelium, and eventually delicious oyster mushrooms, grow at home.

On site parking. 10 spaces available. Booking not open yet